Energy Services

Tweet/Garot is dedicated to making your facility energy efficient. We go above and beyond to find energy solutions for our customers and business partners.

Utility costs are one of largest variable expenses in building ownership. Our goal is to provide you with a specific energy savings target. The result is a facility that is more efficient, environmentally friendly and cost less to operate.

Why Get Involved?

  • Rising Utility costs
  • Tax incentives
  • Increasing Maintenance Costs
  • Focus on Energy Rebates
  • Power Availability
  • Environmentally Friendly

What steps are involved?

There are four basic steps to the Tweet/Garot energy services process.

Step 1 – Evaluation

Tweet/Garot will provide a general assessment of your current facility by analyzing current utility bills and performing a benchmark study. We will review with you your existing mechanical systems and make note of potential problems/issues. Lastly, we will submit your application to Focus on Energy for inquiry to the potential rebates available for your project.

Step 2 – Energy Audit

If your facility is a good candidate for a commissioning program, Tweet/Garot will perform a full energy audit of your facility. This is a fee based service and cost depends on the size of the facility. We perform an in depth review of all mechanical systems that impact the utility cost of the facility. We provide a full report noting the conditions of mechanical equipment, potential cost savings, design errors, maintenance failures, and other findings. In addition, we seek local, state, and federal rebate opportunities and provide the overall cost for implementation. We will identify your return on investment and guide you in the right direction to being energy efficient.

Step 3 - Energy Implementation/Upgrade

After the energy audit is complete, implementing the results of the study will begin. This can be as simplistic as changes to the building management system or adjustments to control dampers. On the other hand, it may be a complete remediation of the mechanical systems. Depending on the steps involved and available capital, it can also take place over a period of time.

Step 4 – Persistence and Monitoring

We will provide you with the opportunity to be part of Tweet/Garots’ preventative maintenance program. If you should to decide not to, we will provide you with an annual maintenance plan that will help ensure your facility continues to operate as energy efficient as possible.

How much can I Save?

The amount of savings varies by each facility. Some factors contributing to the overall cost are the age of equipment, performance of annual maintenance, building programming changes. Currently, there are some very substantial rebates through focus on energy.

How to get started

Contact Kipp Sturdivant by email at or by calling(920) 498-7675

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