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THE SIX MOST POPULAR NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTIONS for 2016 were: to enjoy life to the fullest, live a healthier lifestyle, lose weight, save more/spend less, spend more time with family and friends, and pay down debt. If any of these sound familiar to your own resolutions, I would advise you to write down one or two of the goals and—this is the most important part—devise a specific plan for achieving them while monitoring your progress throughout the year. In other words, hold yourself accountable. Tweet/Garot Mechanical also sets goals, budgets, and expectations at the beginning of every year. Our goals are based on specific indicators of the immediate construction outlook, coupled with our strategy for continued long-term success. Things are looking up for 2016. The non-residential construction index is predicting growth of 6.7 percent above 2015, the US is experiencing low national unemployment rates, Tweet/Garot has a strong customer base and a healthy backlog, all of which point toward achieving record sales in the coming year. And though this may feel like wonderful news, we also know it is a crucial time to stay focused on our “best business practices.”

Our goals for a successful 2016 include increased training and talent development, more collaboration and communication across departments, and improving the overall customer experience. Our Executive Team is dedicated to spending quality time with employees and customers, and is focused on living out our mission and achieving our vision. CEO Christopher Howald reminded the Tweet/Garot community at our companywide meeting in December that we are united as “ONE” Tweet/Garot behind four core competencies: service, people, innovation, and continuous improvement. Through service we hope to continue to develop and sustain meaningful customer relationships. Another goal is to recruit, train, and maintain the best people in our industry. Via innovation, we will embrace change and promote a culture of problem solving and continuous improvement, including a commitment to process efficiency and lean construction. With this plan in place, I promise to hold myself—and our Tweet/Garot family - accountable to these goals for 2016.

As always, to our valued customers and great employees, live and work safe and have a prosperous 2016!

Ray Withbroe

A Message from Our President


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