Tweet/Garot takes an aggressive approach to working safely while providing expert mechanical contracting. A commitment to the safety and health of all employees starts with top management, and it continues throughout the entire company. In fact, the prevention of work-related injuries is always given precedence over operating productivity.

The company is responsible for enacting, maintaining, and improving safety and health standards. Plus, we expect full cooperation from employees toward the prevention of occupational accidents, injuries, and illnesses.

Although man-hours have steadily increased each year, our number of injuries has decreased. Tweet/Garot's Experience Modification Rate has also been steadily decreasing. This substantial rate reduction is a pattern we expect to continue in the future.

Safety awareness is a joint, cooperative effort of all individuals in the company to accomplish a “zero injury” environment. Everyone accepts and understands that accidents and injuries are not tolerable. Given the spirit of dedication by all of our employees, safety goals can be attained and injuries can be avoided.

Tweet/Garot strives to:

• Provide a "zero accident" environment

• Provide a safe workplace for all employees

• Provide necessary training and personal protective equipment (PPE) to protect all Tweet/Garot employees

• Comply with all applicable rules and regulations of OSHA

• Comply with all owner/customer safety requirements

• Provide our employees with all of the support they need to keep themselves free of injury

Our safety standards include:

• Compliance with applicable laws, rules, and regulations

• Regular safety meetings to provide educational training on safety and health matters

• Regular safety inspections to identify and eliminate unsafe working condition and practices

• Prompt and thorough investigation of every accident to determine what caused it and to correct the problem so that it will not reoccur

Contact the Tweet/Garot safety department:

Bryan Zaremba at (920) 498-7628 or

Tweet/Garot Safety

First and always.


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  • Wisconsin Safety Council
  • Mechanical Contractors Association of America
  • Wisconsin Green Building Alliance Member
  • Sheet Metal and Air Conditioning Contractors’ National Association

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