Unified Group Member of the Year

This past November at The Unified Group Annual Owners Meeting, Tweet Garot Mechanical was named member of  the year for 2013. The Unified Group  is a network of HVAC providers who represent the best of the best in their local markets. Every Contractor of the Unified Group has gone through a rigorous selection process to ensure only the nation’s elite providers are awarded membership. The Unified Group  assists  its members become stronger due to its ongoing commitment to providing training  and opportunities to share best practices and connect  with the most technically advanced contractors though out the country.

After joining the organization five years ago the member of the year award was given to Tweet Garot based on the following winning traits that not only our service department but our entire organization represents.

  • Instrumental in the planning of several meetings and training sessions
  • Attended 5 of 7 training sessions
  • Always offering suggestions to make the sessions better from all levels of attendees.
  • Attendees who share and contribute
  • Many folks involved from all divisions of Tweet Garot
  • Established an incredible network within the membership
  • Opened our doors multiple times to share with other members
  • Innovative and forward thinking company
  • A company we can all learn from,  willing to help
  • Constructive and positive input-always,
  •  An incredible leader that puts team above all.

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