North Star Mohican Casino Resort Invests in New Air Purification Technology with Tweet/Garot

Press Release
January 7, 2021

BOWLER, WISCONSIN – In ongoing efforts to enhance the community’s health and safety, North Star Mohican Casino Resort recently invested in state-of-the-art air purification technology, Needlepoint Bipolar Ionization (NPBI).

Installation of NPBI technology is part of North Star Mohican Casino Resort’s ongoing health and safety efforts to enhance its air quality and help reduce the transmission of airborne illnesses such as the coronavirus.

“The NPBI technology developed by Global Plasma Solutions is truly remarkable,” said Michael Bonakdar, General Manager of North Star Mohican Casino Resort. “We have always had amazing air circulation and ventilation within the property, but now we are at a whole other level with maximum air mitigation.”

NPBI has been cited as a safe and powerful air purification solution to maintain healthy air quality and to mitigate substances such as mold, bacteria and viruses without producing ozone or harmful by-products.

The technology works by producing a high concentration of positive and negative ions, delivering them to the space via the ventilation system. Within the air stream, ions attach to particles, where they combine, become larger and are more easily filtered from the air. When ions meet pathogens, they disrupt the pathogens’ surface proteins, rendering them inactive.

“High indoor air quality will be increasingly critical for all industries and institutions with brick and mortar locations,” said Terrance Miller, Director of Security and Facilities at North Star Mohican Casino Resort. “With the help Needlepoint Bipolar Ionization technology, we can help ensure the immediate and long-term safety of staff, patrons, and guests.”

Upon six months of research, planning and design, North Star, in partnership with Global Plasma Solutions (GPS) and Tweet/Garot Mechanical, NPBI technology has been installed and combined with the existing HVAC filtration system in less than 30 days.

“Our team researched and planned very carefully and found that Global Plasma Solutions offered NPBI technology, which harnesses the air purification process that occurs naturally in various outdoor environments and performs the same air purification process indoors,” Miller said. “With the help of Tweet/Garot Mechanical, we were able to install the new air purification system quickly and efficiently throughout the casino and

Using the NPBI technology with high efficiency filtration and property hygiene protocols can help address the concern of North Star Mohican Casino Resort providing a safe and healthy environment for all guests and team members.

“We have always played it very safe, but now our team and customers feel even safer at North Star. Our mission is to provide the safest, cleanest, and friendliest casino resort and entertainment destination in Wisconsin,” said Bonakdar. I am proud of our team and very appreciative of everyone’s assistance with managing this project and their support as it was handled from start to finish in just a few weeks.”

North Star is “Playing it Safe” by placing the well-being of the community, guests, and team members at the top of the list and has implemented the following health and safety measures:
• Social distancing measures
• Sanitation stations across the casino and resort floor
• Health and temperature screens for all team members and patrons
• Acrylic shield installation between all gaming devices and transactional locations
• Maximized fresh air supply and air quality mitigation
• Approved face masks
• Elimination of all unnecessary touch points
• Sanitization of all touch surfaces
• Increased sanitization stations
• Non-smoking facility
• Amazing safety crew: our entire staff

North Star Mohican Casino Resort would like to extend extreme appreciation and recognition to their very own Facility Engineer, Jeff Carter, Director of Security and Facilities, Terrance Miller, and Facility Manager, Mylan Gardner for their time, effort and patience to complete this project efficiently for the safeguard of our community. Thank you!

Media Contact: Karly Curtin