Tweet/Garot Celebrates National Women in Engineering Day

June 23rd was National Women in Engineering Day and to celebrate here at Tweet/Garot we highlight Bethany VanSickle. Bethany is the Manufacturing Engineer who works in our Wrightstown shop and has been with Tweet/Garot for nearly six years. Bethany has had a long history of engineering experience with Tweet/Garot, starting as an HVAC Engineer. Bethany recently advanced her role by moving into her current role as Manufacturing Engineer, which she enjoys to this day.

Much like our other engineers at Tweet/Garot, Bethany enjoys being involved in the manufacturing process as a whole and gets great satisfaction from seeing her designs become a tangible product of our company. Bethany has been extremely busy designing many of our products, from custom equipment, to ductwork and various types of piping, exposing her to a vast majority of project types we have to offer here at Tweet/Garot.

Bethany’s day-to-day tasks currently consist of translating our processes in the shop to a newly adopted ERP system. Her favorite part of being an engineer is trying new things within each of her designs and the high availability to change positions that advance her skill set and help the success of Tweet/Garot. Bethany is a great example of the many women engineers in the construction industry that we celebrate on this day of recognition. Tweet/Garot values her strong work ethic and creativity. The entire Tweet/Garot team recognizes the hard work that women engineers in our industry put in every day and appreciate their contributions!


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