Intern Spotlight: Joel Preston

Welcome back everyone. This is Carter Larson and I hope all you had an amazing 4th of July! With the return to work after the long weekend, comes the continuation of the intern spotlight blog series. Today we spotlight a close friend of mine, Joel Preston. Joel is from Franklin, IN and is going into his sophomore year at the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee. Joel is majoring in marketing, supply chain, and operations management and he has an interest in getting a certificate in retail. Joel is specifically interested in sports marketing and through his internship with Tweet/Garot, he’s gained an interest in working in the manufacturing industry.

Joel’s past work experiences consist of four years working as a pizza chef at Domino’s and working as a sushi specialist for UW  Milwaukee during his freshman year. During his time here at Tweet/Garot, Joel has implemented the “beat the bid” metric which tracks specific job performance, has taken over measuring metrics for some of the executives, and has started a project called “Everyone Has a Number” which is a productivity project that is meant to create new metrics for our different departments. Joel hopes to get an introduction to an office environment and some insight on how businesses track metrics to encourage productivity through his internship here.

Outside of work, Joel likes to hang out with his friends, play Fortnite and Fall Guys, and he also likes to golf. Joel’s favorite song “Salvatore” is by his favorite musical artist Lana Del Ray. Joel’s favorite movie is “The Princess Bride” and his favorite TV show is “Stranger Things”, but he told me he is just getting started on the series. Finally, Joel’s favorite food is gabagool which is an Italian meat and might be the most interesting choice I’ve heard yet. Thank you all for tuning in again. The intern spotlight blog series will resume shortly!

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