Intern Spotlight: Kyle Kosobucki

Welcome back readers. Carter Larson here again. Today we spotlight Tweet/Garot’s Account Manager Intern, Kyle Kosobucki. Kyle is from here in De Pere, WI and is a graduate from Concordia University Wisconsin. Kyle majored in rehab science, but after spending several summers as a trades worker in the field he gained an interest in the construction industry. Kyle told me he intended to start his path working in the field and eventually transition into an office role, however, with his internship the opportunity for him to start in the office has become a possibility.

Like I stated before, Kyle worked during his summers breaks throughout college as a trades worker for several different organizations such as the City of De Pere, Bodart Electric Services Inc., and AmeriLux International. He also worked in maintenance and as general help for an individual who owned a chain of gas stations during high school. Kyle hopes to learn as much as he can about the mechanical side of Tweet/Garot so he can be best equipped for a full-time position here.

Outside of work, Kyle enjoys playing and watching sports, especially baseball, which he played in high school and into college. He also enjoys hunting and fishing. Kyle’s favorite musical artist is Morgan Wallen, and anything by Wallen is Kyle’s favorite song. Kyle told me anything in the Marvel Cinematic Universe could be considered his favorite movie, and his favorite TV show is “Game of Thrones”. Finally, Kyle’s favorite food is any sort of chicken. Thank you all for tuning back in! Our next blog will be out later this week.

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