Intern Spotlight: Sarah Hays

Welcome back to the intern spotlight blog series. This is Carter Larson and today we have one of the final three installations of this series. Sarah Hays begins our final countdown to the conclusion of this series. Sarah is one of our two Accounting Interns here at Tweet/Garot from Sheboygan, WI. Sarah is currently a junior at St. Norbert College majoring in accounting. Sarah is specifically interested in private accounting, which played a role in her internship here.

Sarah has quite the wide variety of past work experience. She has worked at chains such as Target and McDonalds, has been a busser at Harry’s Diner, was in manufacturing at Dutchland Plastics, and was a chemical operator at MilliporeSigma. During her time here at Tweet/Garot, Sarah has been checking invoices before they are entered into the system and paid for, billing for Belfinger, doing AP entry, and helped the other Accounting Intern, Victoria, update vendor information. Sarah hopes to gain some experience in private accounting through her internship here at Tweet/Garot.

Outside of work, Sarah enjoys running, working out, baking, and cooking. Sarah told me here favorite musical artist is Tupac and his song “Changes” is her favorite song. Sarah’s favorite TV show is “Futurama” and her favorite movie is “Deadpool”. Finally, Sarah told me her favorite food is a filet mignon steak. Thank you all once again for coming back! We will be back with another addition later this week and then the series will conclude with our final blog next week.

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