Stratus: Streamlining Communication at Tweet/Garot Mechanical

Here at Tweet/Garot Mechanical solutions to streamline office to field work is a major focus. As a leading company in the mechanical contracting industry, we act as a catalyst for a variety of innovative software systems and processes that will improve our internal and external capabilities. One of these solutions that we recently adopted at the beginning of 2022 is a software known as Stratus which is aimed at improving communication between our offices, shops, and field foremen.

There were several reasons for the adoption of Stratus; from field foreman trying to find when their deliveries will be arriving, to workers in our Wrightstown manufacturing facility missing dimensions, and virtual construction trying to find a better way to send out deliverables. Perhaps the most important reason for the adoption of this software was to help our project managers create more accurate projections. Chris Hronek, our Application Engineer, found a solution in Stratus that would help with all these different departments’ challenges.

Stratus, in a sense, is a productivity tracking software for BIM models. Stratus allows users to view fabrication content more fully and provides in-depth information on it, which in turn opens a live tracked digital workflow between the offices, field, and shop. Each of these different locations are given the same live information and can then communicate to solve problems much quicker. Without Stratus delivery delays and other issues involved with projects could take much longer to solve simply because it took longer to identify these issues. Stratus’s live tracking is what makes the software so valuable to Tweet/Garot as a whole.

We currently are in the middle of the rollout of Stratus and Chris says so far, it’s going well. Chris says that we are still learning how the software works, and at the same time Stratus is gaining new functionality as well. We are currently trying to implement Field Orderz and Cyclone which are different programs used to push projects that aren’t BIM modeled into Stratus which Chris is taking on as the head of Stratus’s rollout and adoption. Chris told me that he has enjoyed being involved in providing a solution like this and it has been keeping him very busy.

Stratus is just one of the many innovative solutions utilized here at Tweet/Garot, but the ability to streamline communication between our three different scopes of work has been very beneficial to the company.


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