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Tweet/Garot Mechanical, Inc. is a mechanical contracting firm serving customers throughout the United States, headquartered in the Green Bay, Wisconsin area. Since 1897, our business has involved the design, engineering, fabrication, and installation of plumbing, heating, air conditioning, and ventilation systems, process and boiler piping, as well as building automation services.

We also custom design, manufacture, and install equipment for food processing and other industries. We service what we install by providing our customers with a full range of HVAC, plumbing, and boiler service and maintenance. 

Our commitment to safety defines us and sets us apart.

Being a family business, our first priority is to send our employees home to their families in the same, if not better, condition as they came to work. Employees are not hired to do a job, they are hired to do their job safely.

Commitment to the safety and health of all employees starts with top management, and it continues throughout the company. All employees are empowered to push safety; every Tweet/Garot employee has the right, and responsibility, to speak up when they see something that falls outside of our value system, as a result of our commitment to each other.

Tweet/Garot operates under the “Brother’s Keeper” mindset, which allows each and every Tweet/Garot employee to be an extension of the Safety Department and look out for the safety of the crew members working alongside them.

Safety awareness is a cooperative effort of all individuals in the company with a goal of accomplishing a “zero-injury” environment. Everyone accepts and understands that accidents and injuries are not tolerable. Given the spirit of dedication by all of our employees, safety goals can be attained and injuries can be avoided.

This employee commitment to safety extends beyond the words on this website and is backed up by the awards they have earned as a result of their commitment to Safety First & Always.

Wisconsin Safety Council

The Tweet/Garot Core Team has been meeting since August 2015 to learn the current way we do business and to understand our current working environment. The Core Team began by mapping the company’s entire order to cash process. This process begins from the moment we receive a customer request and ends with our final receipt of payment. Every step in this current process is captured including business development, estimating, engineering, detailing, purchasing, receiving, fabrication, delivery, mobilization, field installation, billing, and project close-out.

We have also implemented other Lean tools in our business operations. This will help create a culture that focuses on what really matters. The ultimate goal is to reduce the time it takes between a failure occurring and the failure being resolved, resulting in improved safety, quality, service, waste, sustainability, and morale.

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