Tweet/Garot Mechanical specializes in the design and manufacturing of process equipment, material handling, and specialty fabrications. We provide both turn-key process lines and stand-alone process equipment. Our ability to execute fast-track projects makes us unique in that we meet the demanding deadlines for our customers’ projects. Our dedicated team of Food Processing Equipment professionals brings over 60 years of industry experience, serving the needs of our valued customers.

Tweet/Garot has the ability to assist you with the conceptual stages and take you through production of the finished product, and every step in between.

Shred Systems

Stand Alone Systems or Fully Integrated Lines

Providing the most versatile lines in the industry, our fully integrated lines are designed to fit into the most challenging areas. Designed and built for ease of cleaning and maintenance accessibility, while providing a system that offers years of the highest level of production. Tweet/Garot can provide a complete line or integrate a single component into your existing system.

  • 1,000 to 12,000 lb/hr capacity
  • Horizontal/Horizontal or Horizontal/Vertical cutting orientation
  • Ergonomic side loading harps
  • Independent product hold-down for maximum product control and containment
  • Discharge cube separator
  • Reversible in-feed conveyor
  • Heavy-duty tubular construction
  • Cleanable without tools
  • Hydraulic or pneumatic action
  • 180° rotation for easy maintenance
  • Lift-off design
  • Fixed pedestal mount or mobile with locking casters
  • Single or double stairs
  • One or both sides of the line
  • Stationary or mobile with locking casters
  • “A” style or paddle flights
  • 48” or 60” (others available on request)
  • Infeed and discharge dust guards
  • Vacuum pickup
  • Vibratory or belted solutions
  • Single or double shredder infeed conveyors for equipment isolation
  • High volume with maximum containment
  • Variable rate dispensing
  • Stand mounted
  • Infeed conveyor or into-drum application
  • Stand-off diamond plate deck with drain
  • Square vertical and round horizontal frame members
  • Single or double stairs
  • Allen Bradley PLC and operator interface
  • Fully integrated line components
  • Packager driven variable line speed
  • Prep tables
  • Metal detectors
  • Packager discharge conveyor
  • Case erectors, packers, and sealers
Shred Line Rendered Thumb Image

Shred Line Rendered

Shred Line Layout Thumb Image

Shred Line Layout

Low Ceiling Height Shred Line Thumb Image

Low Ceiling Height Shred Line

Tumble Drum Feed Conveyor Thumb Image

Tumble Drum Feed Conveyor

Shredder Feed Conveyor Thumb Image

Shredder Feed Conveyor

Shred Line Thumb Image

Shred Line

Shred Line Short Layout Thumb Image

Shred Line Short Layout

Scale Wash Walls Thumb Image

Scale Wash Walls

Tumble Drums Thumb Image

Tumble Drums

Tumble Drum Thumb Image

Tumble Drum

Cutting Lines

Tweet/Garot’s equipment represents the industry standard in cutting and slice line production. Providing complete fully automated lines or stand-alone cutters, Tweet/Garot’s innovative designs will provide a system that meets your specific needs or applications.

If you have special needs, Tweet/Garot’s engineering staff is always available to discuss your next project. We can assist you in the conceptual stages of any project through to the manufacturing, testing, start-up, and training of your equipment.

  • Up to 1,000 lb. block cutters
  • 500 lb. barrel cutters
  • 320 lb. Swiss loaf cutter
  • Inline auto or manual feed
  • Horizontal/Horizontal
  • Horizontal/Vertical
  • Exact weight or random
  • Pneumatic or hydraulic
  • 5# – 40# lb. blocks
  • Slabs or profiles
  • Pneumatic or manual compression adjustment
  • Large slab de-nesters
  • Product auto-transfer devices
  • Wrapper feeders
  • Blocks to 900 lbs.
  • Barrels to 500 lbs.
  • Slabs to 320 lbs.
  • Vacuum & mechanical
  • Variable rate dispensing
  • Product carts
  • Clamp & harp carts
  • Zone guarding
  • Harp lifter
  • Product hoists
  • Harp height adjustments
Cheese Cuber Thumb Image

Cheese Cuber

Inline 640 Slabber Thumb Image

Inline 640 Slabber

2 Way 40lb. Block Cutter Thumb Image

2 Way 40lb. Block Cutter

640 Cutter and Clamp Thumb Image

640 Cutter and Clamp

Barrel Cutter and Clamp Thumb Image

Barrel Cutter and Clamp

Barrel Clamp Thumb Image

Barrel Clamp


Sanitary Conveyors

Tweet/Garot’s conveyors are designed to meet USDA standards while providing custom designs that meet the customers’ requirements and applications. Each conveyor is offered with a wide range of materials, finishes, components, and belts to meet your specific needs. Designs include tool-less disassembly and accessibility for cleaning. Providing innovative solutions for the food and dairy industries with high quality, custom-built equipment.

  • Sanitary
  • Custom designed
  • Stainless steel
  • Washdown Duty
  • USDA/3A acceptable

Transfer Conveyors

Tweet/Garot’s conveyors are designed for maximum reliability, versatility, and cleanliness. Custom designed to fit your application with the customer specified components. Conveyors designed to accumulate, divert, rotate, flip, and turn your product.

  • Mat top
  • Custom designed
  • Tab chain
  • Stainless or painted
Shred Incline Conveyor Thumb Image

Shred Incline Conveyor

Scale Feed Conveyor Thumb Image

Scale Feed Conveyor

Metal Detector Conveyor Thumb Image

Metal Detector Conveyor

Paddle Trough Conveyor Thumb Image

Paddle Trough Conveyor

Tumble Drum Feed Conveyor Thumb Image

Tumble Drum Feed Conveyor

Shredder Feed Conveyor Thumb Image

Shredder Feed Conveyor

Mix & Blend Systems

Single or Multiple Recipe Systems

Tweet/Garot’s Mix & Blend System provides the capability of running single or multiple blended recipes simultaneously on a single line. Complete with tote dumpers and rotary volumetric feeders, our system provides a consistently blended product. Single or multiple hopper assemblies are available to fit your application.

  • Custom designed to your specific production rates
  • Fully assembled with hydraulic plumbing included
  • Optional out-feed conveyor to packaging line
  • 304 Stainless steel with 2B finish – Rigidized sheet optional
  • Complete with access platforms
  • Optional USDA sanitary finish
  • Product dumpers
  • Electric or hydraulic drives
  • Fully adjustable from ¼” to 5”
  • Interchangeable wheel styles
  • Electric or hydraulic drives
  • Precise discharge control
  • Consistent product flow
  • Interchangeable metering spools
Scale Feed System Thumb Image

Scale Feed System

Scale Platform Thumb Image

Scale Platform

Dumper Volumetric Feeder Thumb Image

Dumper Volumetric Feeder

Tote Dumper Thumb Image

Tote Dumper

Miscellaneous Equipment