Tweet/Garot’s Virtual Construction process has evolved over the past decade as clients, general contractors, and architects have seen the value provided through 3D modeling tools and robotic total station. With construction schedules continually tightening, Virtual Construction technology has become the cornerstone of our construction practices.

Tweet/Garot utilizes the most advanced Virtual Construction software that allows us to virtually build and install systems in 3D prior to actual shop fabrication and site installation. Our Virtual Designers and Foremen collaborate throughout the clash detection process to sequence our work and identify and coordinate potential job site issues prior to installation, while providing real-time cost estimates to our clients. Taking into account your needs, from the facility maintenance staff to service equipment, we provide seamless maintenance solutions.

By utilizing the data in our 3D model, we are able to effectively decrease installation schedules through the use of our robotic total station. Hanger points, sleeves, and equipment locations can be extracted from our coordinated model to ensure all systems are installed clash-free.

Our Virtual Construction and robotic total station processes position us as an industry leader on the cutting-edge of technology, while always employing continuous improvement practices. Through collaborative teamwork with general contractors, other subcontractors, and clients, our Tweet/Garot team can relieve the stress of delivering a project on time and within budget.