Tweet/Garot has over 90,000 square feet of manufacturing facilities including sophisticated and advanced technologies, precision tools, and a safe working environment that allows our skilled Union craft workers to focus on the details. We utilize lean manufacturing tools to standardize many of our fabrication processes, which minimizes wasted time and material, ensures efficient and just-in-time job site delivery, and creates significant savings for our customers.

Tweet/Garot takes the lead in prefabrication in all aspects relating to the installation of HVAC, plumbing process piping systems, and sheet metal equipment. Prior to the start of construction, our project team meets to break down the project by area, identifying vital parts of the systems eligible for prefabrication or modularization. The system’s position within the project construction schedule is then assessed to determine the optimum order of production.

Our project leadership team consists of project managers, field foreman, production manager, and the design team. We measure the quality and productivity of the prefabrication on each project. Each piece is compared to the initial forecast and productivity is measured though an earned value calculation. This assures the project budget remains on track.