Acuity Insurance NW Expansion
Acuity Insurance NW Expansion

Acuity Insurance NW Expansion

Project Information

Interior Shot of Acuity Insurance

Acuity Insurance NW Expansion

Tweet/Garot was chosen as the Mechanical Contractor because of our previous work on the original Plumbing and HVAC work at Acuity’s headquarters. Tweet/Garot proposed a Design/Build project delivery for the last portion of the buildout in the NW Addition. We provided plumbing, HVAC piping, HVAC sheet metal services along with subcontractors for insulation and controls.

The Acuity Campus is constructed with meticulous craftsmanship. This is true from the interior to the exterior. The owner wanted this final portion of work to seamlessly match the other portions of the building including the gallerias, open concept offices and the conference rooms with the glass walls.

This project utilized the Tweet/Garot Engineering team for both the plumbing and HVAC design that was submitted to the State of Wisconsin for approval. Tweet/Garot also utilized our internal Virtual Construction team to eliminate as many clashes as possible. The sheet metal fabrication spool drawings were provided based on the Virtual Construction design.

This specific buildout did not include any special considerations from an environmental aspect since many of the environmental concern with reviewed and addressed in the overall headquarters construction.

Matching up to the existing building with our duct and piping connections were difficult due to the steel beams and allowing to have the highest possible clearances under the ceiling to match the existing building. Persistence from our field foremen allowed us to provide the owner with the celling match that met their expectations.

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