Acuity Insurance Headquarters
Acuity Insurance Headquarters

Acuity Insurance Headquarters

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Acuity Insurance Headquarters

Upon the completion of the massive expansion, Acuity Insurance completed a $170 million project that doubled the headquarters to nearly 1 million square feet. Tweet/Garot was a key partner with the owner and construction teams for the entirety of the project, responsible for approximately plumbing and HVAC.  The project has transformed the campus through the following phases:

  • South Parking Structure: A 640 car parking structure with the Central Utility Plant located in the basement of the structure. The Central Utility Plant (CUP) has 2 large Air Handling Units to supply humidity and tempered air for Acuity employees on the South Side of the building.
  • North Parking Structure: A mirror image of the South Structure with a Central Utility Plant located in the basement as well as supplying humidity and tempered air to Acuity employees on the North Side of the building. The north CUP houses one 900 ton chiller along with 2 additional 185 ton chillers.
  • South Wing Build-Out: This build-out added 50,000 square feet of space on the second floor of the existing headquarters.
  • Northwest Building Addition: This two story addition with a basement mechanical room to accommodate future growth
  • Existing Building Enhancements: The current North building mechanical system is being updated to account for future growth and bring the mechanical systems to today’s standards.
  • Galleria West: This addition consists of training space, dining space, mezzanine level, along with a completed basement which houses an expanded fitness and locker room area.
  • Southeast Building Addition: This building houses a two story open office
  • Galleria East: As the unmistakable showcase for Acuity, this addition features a 2000 seat theatre hall with a round balcony including restrooms and a new mechanical system. Two large Air Handling Units along with 33 fan powered VAV’s supply the exact temperatures needed to keep Acuity employees comfortable.
  • Southeast Building Addition: This building houses a two story open office space with mechanical a system in the basement.

Design/Assist Services: Preconstruction Methods

  • BIM: Multi-trade coordination resulting in fewer RFI’s, change orders overall project schedule
  • Robotic Total Station: Concrete anchors were installed prior to pour saving time and reducing hazards
  • Component Teams: Removed obstacles and aligned resources to enhance communication and create buy in
  • A3: Lean Construction tool to analyze systems and equipment to drive to the owner in a continuous improvement environment
  • Prefabrication: Pipe racks were made in manufacturing facility and shipped on site reducing installation time and mitigating the safety risk

Our clients appreciate the journey as we work toward creating a customer experience that is second to none. From the beginning of your project to the end and throughout the life of your building, Tweet/Garot is committed to our client’s dedication to excellence.

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