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From Design to Installation Tweet/Garot Has You Covered!

One of Tweet/Garot’s greatest advantages is our in-house Engineering staff. We focus on providing design solutions to address our clients’ biggest challenges through innovation and creativity. By analyzing whole systematic design options, we provide value to clients, general contractors, and our construction teams.

By utilizing Design/Build and Design/Assist construction delivery methods, Tweet/Garot addresses the client’s needs directly, providing a timely design response and significantly expediting the construction schedule. This regularly leads to significant savings versus the traditional plan-and-specification method of construction.

Tweet/Garot now uses Stratus, a software that streamlines the project lifecycle from design to installation. Stratus enables cloud-based model publishing, faster package creation, and seamless sharing with project management. It facilitates quick adaptations to schedule changes, notifies the shop upon release, and automates material cut lists to eliminate errors. The production process includes real-time status updates and instructions, enhancing efficiency. Field teams use QR codes for on-site package tracking, providing live project productivity insights. Stratus also allows cost comparisons between model production and estimates at any project stage.


Wide-ranging experience in all types of facilities
including healthcare, industrial, laboratories,
commercial and institutional clients.


Advanced design experience in process piping,
industrial ventilation and dust collection,
indoor air quality (IAQ) and cleanroom applications.


Best in class talent that can analyze the
needs of your project and offer tangible and
practical engineered solutions that
best fit each client’s needs.


Utilizing the latest industry tools, including
Autodesk Revit BIM software allows our team to
accurately engineer building system
solutions for each application.

Design & Engineering Services


When entering into a Design/Build partnership with Tweet/Garot, our clients can expect our dedicated team of professionals to work with clients to understand their requirements and integrate them into an efficient design. As your Design/Build solution, Tweet/Garot provides immediate benefits. All of the engineering and construction coordination happens under the same roof, eliminating costly and time-consuming delays. Because each project has its own unique requirements, our Engineers collaborate with your facility management staff throughout the duration of the project to assure serviceability and peak performance. 

Our access to real-time cost estimates, coupled with energy analysis, life-cycle costing, and over 75 years of combined industry experience, allows us to effectively select systems and materials that provide the best value to the client and the project. In collaboration with our experienced detailing and layout teams, we utilize our expertise in constructability and eliminate rework and RFI’s. For clients, this single source of responsibility allows for accelerated project delivery, as well as firm pricing early in the project. By choosing the Design/Build approach, clients mitigate substantial risk through the design and construction of their project, knowing Tweet/Garot confidently stands behind them and their finished mechanical system.



Our industry-leading Design/Assist team consistently provides value throughout all phases of your project. The relationships we’ve built with clients, general contractors, architects, and engineers allow us to partner on projects in multiple and diverse markets.

We work with the consulting engineers in the initial design phase of the project, utilizing our design and constructability experience in collaboration with Lean design principles. Mechanical systems are analyzed based on the building application, available space for mechanical equipment, function and performance, life-cycle analysis, and cost/payback considerations. Throughout the design process, we ensure the client’s expectations are met in terms of temperature control, indoor air quality, and operational cost of the system.

The collaborative effort between Tweet/Garot and our consulting engineer partners ensures the client receives the best value when selecting and sizing mechanical equipment, developing methods/schedules for piping and ductwork installation, reviewing construction schedules, and providing cost estimates throughout the design phase.

Our Tweet/Garot Engineers welcome the opportunity to work with project architects and consulting engineers as a member of the design team. We feel that our engineering and construction experience can make significant, cost-effective, and risk-mitigating contributions to the mechanical component of your project.


Our unique approach to Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) is:

  • Based on building relationships of trust with owners, designers, and contractors.
  • Integrating people, systems, business structures, and practices to harness all of our talents and insights.
  • Providing solutions, not excuses.
  • Reducing waste and optimizing efficiency through all phases of design, fabrication, and construction.

Tweet/Garot has worked on numerous projects utilizing the IPD approach. Our team goal is to function as a single company with unified goals and objectives to deliver optimal project performance. Our approach begins with embracing Lean Principles as they apply to design and construction.

In effect, this is learning how to do construction from system designs: one-line drawings converted to coordination drawings, then converted to as-built documentation, which eliminates the many duplications experienced in traditional construction delivery systems. Detailed “Pull” Scheduling is another component of the IPD approach, where each team member breaks down their estimate by floor, by system, and by area to determine how much labor is required in each area of the building, and then uses those man-hours to determine man-days of work. The team goes through the sequence of the construction components and assigns each trade a start and completion time for their work which is updated at the end of each day. In addition, the team works together to determine which member is best qualified to purchase different components of the designed systems. By analyzing alternative systems, equipment, and material early on in the design phase, we are able to aid the project team in utilizing the HVAC and Plumbing components that will provide the most value to the owner, both in first costs and lifecycle costs. And with proper scheduling, we ensure more efficient project performance.


Tweet/Garot’s Virtual Construction process has evolved over the past decade as clients, general contractors, and architects have seen the value provided through 3D modeling tools and robotic total station. With construction schedules continually tightening, Virtual Construction technology has become the cornerstone of our construction practices.

Tweet/Garot utilizes the most advanced Virtual Construction software that allows us to virtually build and install systems in 3D prior to actual shop fabrication and site installation. Our Virtual Designers and Foremen collaborate throughout the clash detection process to sequence our work and identify and coordinate potential job site issues prior to installation, while providing real-time cost estimates to our clients. Taking into account your needs, from the facility maintenance staff to service equipment, we provide seamless maintenance solutions.

By utilizing the data in our 3D model, we are able to effectively decrease installation schedules through the use of our robotic total station. Hanger points, sleeves, and equipment locations can be extracted from our coordinated model to ensure all systems are installed clash-free.

Our Virtual Construction and robotic total station processes position us as an industry leader on the cutting-edge of technology, while always employing continuous improvement practices. Through collaborative teamwork with general contractors, other subcontractors, and clients, our Tweet/Garot team can relieve the stress of delivering a project on time and within budget.

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