Our Commitment to safety defines us and sets us apart.

Being a family business, our first priority is to send our employees home to their families in the same, if not better, condition as they came to work.  Employees are not hired to do a job, they are hired to do their job safely.

Commitment to the safety and health of all employees starts with top management, and it continues throughout the company.  All employees are empowered to push safety; every Tweet/Garot employee has the right, and responsibility, to speak up when they see something that falls outside of our value system, as a result of our commitment to each other. 

Tweet/Garot operates under the “Brother’s Keeper” mindset, which allows each and every Tweet/Garot employee to be an extension of the Safety Department and look out for the safety of the crew members working alongside them.

Safety awareness is a cooperative effort of all individuals in the company with a goal of accomplishing a “zero-injury” environment.  Everyone accepts and understands that accidents and injuries are not tolerative.  Given the spirit of dedication by all of our employees, safety goals can be attained and injuries can be avoided.

This employee commitment to safety extends beyond the works on this website and is backed up by the awards they have earned as a result of their commitment to Safety First & Always.

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