Mechanical Services

Mechanical Services

Mechanical Service

Kevin Bahr, Dir. of Green Bay Service & BAS

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Kevin Bahr

Tweet/Garot is dedicated to providing our clients with a smarter, energy-efficient, and more comfortable facility, always functioning at peak performance. As a trusted advisor, we work to ensure the optimization of mechanical equipment, predict maintenance trends and issues, create a path for energy reduction, and outline cost-saving opportunities, all without comprising comfort.

Our skilled Union Service Technicians are factory-trained and certified in all major manufacturers of boilers, chillers, and associated HVAC and plumbing equipment. We perform chiller and boiler maintenance, as well as scheduled preventive maintenance, specifically tailored to the unique specifications of each facility. Our team of 40 full-time Service Technicians are also ready to respond to whatever emergency you may have, 24 hours/day, 7 days/week, wherever it may be.

Our BAS (Building Automation Systems) department works in conjunction with facility managers to optimize and provide coordinated control of building systems. Automated energy management systems are the brains of a building and are the common link between occupants, facility managers, and mechanical systems.

Tweet/Garot stands ready to provide open platform building management solutions that will improve overall equipment lifecycle, energy efficiency, cost savings, and comfort within our clients’ facilities.


When we are in your facility, we are working
for you and strive to be an
inherent part of your team.


Tweet/Garot is a single source provider for
mechanical service of HVAC,
pluming and building controls.


Our employees bring a depth of knowledge,
ownership and drive to be the best in the
industry while providing
excellent customer experiences.



Preventative maintenance and service to
keep facilities operational for peak performance.

Building Services

The capital investment that comes with the purchase of a chiller to keep your facilities operating at peak performance needs to ensure a life-long return on investment. Our factory-trained and certified service technicians provide that solution. Proper maintenance of your chiller systems not only extends the life of the equipment but offers substantial savings through increased energy efficiency.

Our industry knowledge of chiller systems from operational tolerances to field experience assists in the risk mitigation of your chillers. Whether your needs are for mission-critical cooling in data centers, medical facilities, office complexes, or industrial environments we are the experts who will provide a customer experience that is second to none.

Determined to meet the boiler service requirements of our clients, Tweet/Garot prides itself on our customer satisfaction. Our safe, skilled professionals combine the latest fabrication technology, installation services, and boiler making experience to ensure our clients receive the best boiler service solutions available from the most talented craftsmen in the industry. There are few projects as complex and demanding as boiler installation and service. We know our clients need someone they can trust, and that’s why Tweet/Garot strongly emphasizes safety in each step of the process. Making sure our clients are safe, satisfied, and confident in our work for years to come makes Tweet/Garot your contractor of choice for boiler services.


  • Coal, Gas, Oil, and Nuclear Boiler Services
  • All Welded Repairs
  • Breeching
  • Complete Equipment Replacements
  • Refractory Replacements
  • Tank Replacements & Fabrication
  • Stress Relieving
  • Steam and Hot Water Systems
  • Boiler Inspections
  • Burner Control Analysis/Upgrades
  • Piping Repairs/Replacements
  • Stack Replacements
  • Tube Replacements
When your facility requires mechanical service – contact Tweet/Garot. With our 24-Hour Emergency Service, Tweet/Garot has the resources to respond quickly and professionally. We understand that an HVAC or Plumbing emergency can negatively impact a business far beyond the cost of the repairs. If not dealt with professionally and in a timely manner, these emergencies can lead to further damage and additional lost time. Tweet/Garot has 24/7 emergency service techs available to respond to any and all HVAC and Plumbing situations. With more than 40 experienced professionals available throughout Wisconsin, Tweet/Garot can get your building back up and running quickly. Our experts are committed to diagnosing the emergency and repairing it with a sustainable solution. We will ensure that your HVAC and Plumbing systems are performing as designed before we turn them back over to you.

Your requirements, combined with our capabilities, drive the mechanical contracting solutions we provide. In fact, the unique specifications of your facility determine how our service agreement is formulated. Building commissioning, through a partnership with facility managers, assures that your mechanical system is functioning at peak efficiency and is receiving the required preventative maintenance. With a strict emphasis on customer satisfaction, our skilled service technicians have the capabilities to deliver service “on time, on budget, on quality, safely. “Factory trained and certified in all major manufacturers of boilers, chillers, and associated plumbing and HVAC equipment, these techs specialize in certified factory start-up and warranty work.
Our goal is to create high-performance buildings that provide comfortable, safe and consistent environments. Tweet/Garot provides peace of mind to building owners with preventative maintenance agreements that help to reduce operating costs and deliver system performance that runs more efficiently with fewer repairs, on a fixed budget. Tweet/Garot is dedicated to protecting your mechanical investment by utilizing analytics and equipment lifecycle management, which helps us predict the maintenance of all mechanical systems that are critical to your facility and avoid costly repairs. We deliver a maintenance approach that is customized to your needs and focused on performance and energy solutions. Our service team will work with you to co-author a tailor-made solution for any facility and agree to a fixed price that works within your budget.

When equipment is properly maintained and minor issues addressed, equipment failures and business interruptions can be avoided, which saves time and money and allows owners to focus on their core business.

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