Building & Automation Services

Building & Automation Services

Building & Automation Services

Kevin Bahr, Dir. of Green Bay Service & Building Automation

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Kevin Bahr

Tweet/Garot provides a variety of solutions tailored to meet your facility needs. Rest assured that our experts are equipped to handle the most complex challenges. Tweet/Garot’s has been installing temperature control systems serving many different industries for over 150 years. Our understanding of the ever-changing technology of Building Automation and Control Systems is unmatched. With all of this experience, our team ensures a timely and complete solution to our customers’ most critical issues.


Our mission is to provide quality, dependable
control systems and the continued support and service
to keep them functioning for years of reliable operation .


Tweet/Garot is a single source provider for
mechanical service of HVAC,
pluming and building controls.


Our employees bring a depth of knowledge,
ownership and drive to be the best in the industry
while providing excellent customer experiences.



Preventative maintenance and service to
keep facilities operational for peak performance.



Our team is engaged from the initial design of an HVAC and Building Automation System (BAS) to the mechanical service that is required post project. Tweet/Garot works side-by-side with you to ensure your facility is designed, built, and operates at peak efficiency. 

Tweet/Garot’s BAS Programmers and Technicians are crossed-trained in both HVAC and the technology behind multiple BAS systems to correct any issue that may arise throughout the life our your building. 


Tridium is a complete management and control solution, used to create buildings that are smarter, more efficient, safer, use less energy, have lower operating costs, contribute to a sustainable environment and deliver a substantial ROI. Tridium offers compelling value to building owners and facility management. With Tridium, conventional facilities can be transformed into dynamic, flexible and intelligent buildings with higher efficiencies, lower costs and greater returns. From security to elevators to HVAC to lighting, Tridium enables comprehensive monitoring and management of nearly every aspect of your facilities.

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