Dust Collection

Dust Collection

Dust Collection

Brian Smith, Manager of Northern WI Accounts

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Brian Smith

This year we have fabricated and installed dust collection systems ranging from 4" to 68" in diameter

Dust collection is primarily found in the wood manufacturing environment for proper operation of various saws, flakers, hogs, hammermills, conveyors, air system material conveyance, sawdust transfer lines, and van loading systems. Dust collection systems are also used for other applications such as:

  • Collecting residual dust associated with bagging systems
  • Keeping material storage vessels under a negative air pressure to prevent leakage
  • Dust control on conveyors transporting products that create residual dust
  • General housekeeping and vacuum systems

These systems range from very small to large industrial systems involving large collectors and high horsepower blowers. The food industry uses dust collection systems to:

  • Control dust contamination
  • For housekeeping
  • Transport food products
  • Keep food storage or processing equipment under a negative pressure to prevent leakage

These systems vary in size and generally involve stainless steel duct systems made to meet food industry standards. The mining industry uses dust collection systems to control dust from mineral and rock processing systems. These systems tend to involve heavy duty equipment, specially lined duct and chute systems, and need to handle a very violent and corrosive atmosphere.

Other miscellaneous applications for these systems include: 

  • Weld station fume collection
  • Paint fume collection
  • Oven exhaust
  • Moisture control
  • Tank exhaust
  • Any industrial situation where an undesirable or hazardous air quality situation is created from the process

With Tweet Garot’s own dust collection experts along with our connections with design teams and equipment suppliers dedicated to this industry, we are certain we can satisfy your dust collection needs from design to fabrication to installation.

Dust Collection Capabilities


Project specific designs with options
to best suit your dust collection needs.


We offer all brands of major dust collection
equipment, blowers, material handling
equipment, and explosion prevention devices.


Tweet/Garot Mechanical offers equipment,
duct systems, and installation to
create complete systems to meet
your needs providing solutions, not excuses.


Our technicians and staff provide complete
start-up support and training for
successful equipment integration.

We are dedicated to providing innovative and value-added solutions to any manufacturing environment.

Exterior shot of Dust Collection System

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