DTE – Matsches Dairy Farm
DTE – Matsches Dairy Farm

DTE – Matsches Dairy Farm

Project Information

Matsches Dairy Farm

DTE – Matsches Dairy Farm

Tweet/Garot was awarded the Renewable Natural Gas project located on the property of Matsches Dairy Farm in Birnamwood, WI. With the completion of multiple other RNG projects around the Northeast portions of Wisconsin, this project fit well within the limits of Tweet/Garot’s capabilities.

This RNG project consisted of setting a large amount of equipment skids in which were placed  around (2) new aboveground digesters. Both underground connection piping to the existing farm along with all of the associated aboveground piping to complete the necessary ties to each piece of equipment was performed by Tweet/Garot personally. A few unique piping systems installed included the following:

  • Raw Manure
  • Digestate
  • Oxygen
  • Biogas
  • Tail Gas
  • Nitrogen

Equipment setting was a large portion of the project which consisted of multiple critical crane picks based on the sheer size and weights of the items and their proposed locations on site. A list of equipment installed includes the following:

  • Ferric Hydroxide Dosing System
  • Boiler Skid (Prefabricated Building)
  • Biogas Storage Membrane with Air Blowers
  • Biogas Aftercoolers
  • Vacuum Pump Enclosure

Approximately ½ mile or 2,000 linear feet of underground pipe was installed and about the same in above ground pipe for the project. In total, close to 1 mile of pipe, or 5000 linear feet, was installed over 11,170 manhours.

Challenging weather conditions along with shifting project schedules with equipment delivery dates being pushed out caused us to adapt our plan almost daily. Prefabrication of the large bore pipe and structural supports helped bring the project to a successful on time project completion allowing the owner to successfully start their renewable natural gas extraction from Matsches Farm.

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