Freeport LNG Plant
Freeport LNG Plant

Freeport LNG Plant

Freeport, Texas

Freeport Liquefied Natural Gas
CBI & Zachary
CBI & Zachary
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The start to the construction season was jumpstarted by the Freeport Liquefied Natural gas plant in Texas. Tweet/Garot was contracted for this project which was one of the few facilities in the United States that will convert natural gas to a liquid state and allow it to be shipped overseas and sold to other countries. The scope of the project consists of 12 buildings between two sites (the PTF site in Freeport, Texas and the LQF site in Quintana, Texas) where Tweet/Garot employees are providing the HVAC systems.

The project consisted of rigging and setting of louvers and heavy industrial ventilation. The industrial ventilation was all encased in structural steel adding to the complexity of the project. The team was also tasked with installing air handling units, condensers, exhaust fans, and associated piping.

The PTF site consists of five buildings that range in size from small guardhouses to large control buildings. The LQF site housed seven buildings that are near-duplicates to the Freeport site. Tweet/Garot had 12 members on its crew logging nearly 22,000 man-hours with ZERO recordable incidents.

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