Frozen Breakfast Foods Manufacturing Plant
Frozen Breakfast Foods Manufacturing Plant

Frozen Breakfast Foods Manufacturing Plant

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Food Conveyor Line for Manufacturing Plant

Frozen Breakfast Foods Manufacturing Plant

A frozen breakfast food manufacturer recently expanded a French toast production line, and additional product freezer and refrigeration space. What started as a design/build plumbing and HVAC project with Consolidated Construction, lead to multiple scopes of work.

Tweet/Garot worked with the owner and Sharpe Engineering for installation of the production line and process equipment. This included setting of an expansive griddle, installing multiple conveyors leading from the start of the process line to the packaging area.

Tweet/Garot installed process water, steam, compressed air and domestic water piping to support the new production line. Tweet/Garot also fabricated and installed multiple stainless steel platforms, cat walks and stairs for the French toast process line. We also upgraded the existing compressed air source system for the plant in order to support the additional load of new equipment.

Plumbing included an extensive underground process waste drainage system to numerus stainless steel sinks and floor drains. New wash stations, hose stations, foot wash stations and a large sanitization wash area was also included in this project.

A significant challenge was working in a fully operating food plant, while maintaining cleanliness and sanitation standards throughout the 24/7 production schedule. The construction area was sectioned off from food operations, but access required passing through the operating plant. Coordination with facility staff was key to the success of this project.

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