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Custom Equipment at Heartland Farms

Heartland Farms

Heartland Farms is a producer of potatoes for mostly chip manufacturers. Tweet/Garot was responsible to supply and install equipment for transferring and handling of whole potatoes from harvest warehouses to trucks for shipping to manufacturers. Load capacities range from 120,000-500,000 lbs./min.

Scopes of work include:

  • Telescopic truck loading conveyor structure and system:  4-systems between Hancock and Bancroft
  • Live bottom bins for mix and blend:  3-multi bin systems between Hancock and Bancroft.
  • Transfer and incline conveyors:  100 plus conveyors
  • Scale conveyors:  4-conveyors between Hancock and Bancroft
  • Distribution and divert conveyors:  3-multi bin systems between Hancock and Bancroft
  • Dewatering conveyors
  • Flume fabrication and install: Including diverts
  • Access platforms, stairs, ladders, crossovers and runways
  • Equipment structures and supports
  • Engineering, design and CAD support Including thru-put and load clarification
  • Material and component selection assistance

Tweet/Garot designed and installed equipment rigging and setting of multiple systems for cleaning and sorting including:

  • Flooding rock and debris systems
  • Drum washers, brush washers, and dewatering felt roll conveyors

Despite the large scale process Tweet/Garot was faced with on this project, the job was completed in a timely manner and exceeded the customer’s satisfaction standards.

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