Langlade Hospital
Langlade Hospital

Langlade Hospital

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Exterior shot of Langlade Hospital

Langlade Hospital

In 2009, planning started for a $45 million dollar project in Antigo for the replacement of Langlade Hospital. The design includes the construction of a two-story, 25 patient bed facility of 90,000 square feet. This new facility is replacing an aged building that was constructed in 1933. Tweet/Garot Mechanical was contracted to fabricate and install all of the HVAC and Plumbing systems.

The HVAC systems include high-efficiency boilers, a high-efficiency heat recovery chiller, and in-floor heating in the lobby. Saving one million dollars in energy costs over a five-year period is becoming a reality for the new Langlade Hospital. The energy-saving measures include:

  • Variable Frequency Drives
  • LED Lighting and Lighting controllers
  • Cooling Unit Multi Stack Recovery Unit to feed preheated water to Boilers
  • Two Exhaust Air Heat Recovery Units
  • Economizers on Air Handling Units
  • Four 94% Hot Water Boilers

Pre-fabrication of plumbing components, piping spools, duct, VAV assemblies, and radiant heating components were all done in Tweet/Garot’s Green Bay shop and shipped to the site for quick and easy installation. Every pre-fabricated item was marked with the floor, and room location. Movable racks were built to wheel the items off the delivery truck and into the building to the tagged locations.

The plumbing system consists of hot water heaters and holding tanks, mixing valves, all bathroom fixtures, and stainless steel kitchen fixtures. We installed the underground plumbing as well as fresh water and waste piping. In addition, Tweet/Garot provided the installation of the medical gas system.

Tweet/Garot performed all the coordination and BIM drawings for all trades. Collision detection was identified up-front so that re-work was eliminated during the installation phase.

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