Paper Converting Project, AL
Paper Converting Project, AL

Paper Converting Project, AL

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Converting Line for Paper Converting Project

Paper Converting Project, AL

The paper converting site’s vision was upgrading and adding converting lines to maximize paper towel and toilet paper output. The owner came to our team of experts at Tweet/Garot along with three additional industry partners, in the conceptual phase of the projects to help put together a price based on best practices from previous projects.

The team was handpicked because of our successes together to complete projects on time, which can be a challenge for large mills like this when located in remote areas with limited workforce. Tweet/Garot was able to keep our core group of traveling workers, who have completed similar projects previously, and roll them into the project. This was a key factor in ensuring this project’s success for the owner’s needs.

This site added converting lines for two separate products: paper towel and toilet paper. Each of these projects included demolition of the old mechanical utilities as well as installation of:

  • Building Ventilation
  • Dust Collection
  • Trim Collection
  • Cabinet Cooling
  • Potable Water
  • Mill Water
  • Adhesive
  • Compressed Air
  • Process Drains

Between these scopes of work, Tweet/Garot was onsite for approximately 10 months.

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