Plum Point Energy Station
Plum Point Energy Station

Plum Point Energy Station

Osceola, Arkansas

Plum Point Power Partners (PPPP)
Black & Veatch Corporation
Black & Veatch Corporation
Approximate Contract
Project Duration
Over a period of 24 Months

The Plum Point Energy Station is a new pulverized coal unit located on the banks of the Mississippi River. The new unit and supporting infrastructure will produce 665 MW of electricity. Tweet/Garot was contracted by Black & Veatch to perform HVAC work on this project.

Tweet/Garot’s scope included the installation of mechanical equipment ranging from air handling units and condensing units to wall and structure mounted unit heaters and supply fans. Tweet/Garot also fabricated and installed the plant’s various ductwork systems. Work was completed in multiple buildings including the Turbine Area, Control Area, Plant Services, Water Treatment, Coal Car Unloading, and several other out-buildings. Tweet/Garot was successful in providing labor, material, and subcontractors to facilitate the project schedule and duration, all at this remote location.

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