Starbucks, Augusta
Starbucks, Augusta

Starbucks, Augusta

Project Information

Food and Beverage Line for Starbucks Augusta

Starbucks, Augusta

A 140,000 square foot expansion for a Starbucks soluble products plant created space for an additional six new whole bean roasters, allowing the plant to offer packaged coffee to Starbucks stores and retail locations in the Northeast and Southeast United States.  The existing two roasters produce Starbucks VIA® Instant, as well as the coffee base for Frappuccino® blended beverages and many of Starbucks bottled and canned beverages.

Tweet/Garot Mechanical was instrumental in the successful completion of the project by providing process pipe craftsmen, certified structural steel welders and qualified riggers for the following mechanical and equipment fabrication services:

  • Nitrogen Piping Installation
  • Dust Collection Relocation
  • Mechanical Utilities Installation
  • Roaster Deck Floor Penetrations
  • Packaging and Palletizing Installation
  • Roaster Receiving Hopper Support Stand
  • Super Sack Relocation
  • Cablevey Support Stand
  • Receiving Hopper Support Structure

The Receiving Hopper Support Structure alone is an impressive 135’L x 14’W x 35’H, requiring 143,889 lbs of steel, 23,861 assembly parts and 5,117 bolts.

This large-scale, tight-deadline project required precise fabrication accuracy, timely site staging and a safety-focused field crew.

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