Whelan Energy Center Unit 2
Whelan Energy Center Unit 2

Whelan Energy Center Unit 2

Hastings, Nebraska

Public Power Generation Agency (PPGA)
Black & Veatch Corporation
Black & Veatch Corporation
Approximate Contract
Project Duration
13 Months

The Whelan Energy Center consisted of adding a second coal-fired unit to the existing Unit 1, approximately two miles east of Hastings. The new sub-critical unit will produce 220 MW of electricity utilizing pulverized coal from the Powder River Basin. Tweet/Garot was contracted to perform all the HVAC and plumbing work on this project.

Several notable HVAC items include the installation of three Gravity Roof Ventilators (GRV’s), the largest of which is 80’ feet long, 34’ wide, and 20’ tall. The GRV’s are installed on the tallest portion of the roof, 205 ft. above grade, to allow warm air to escape the building through large damper panels. Our experienced crew also installed forty-three 6’x 6’ supply fans in the exterior walls of the turbine building to provide the plant with outside air. Staging, rigging, and installing these fans in a timely and logical order was important to ensure a successful project.

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