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Ryan Sexton, Project Executive

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Ryan Sexton

Tweet/Garot has accumulated over 1.3 million hours in the Pulp & Paper Industry over the last 5 years.

In pulp & paper, Tweet/Garot’s mechanical engineering expertise shines. Those who know this demanding industry appreciate the mechanical engineering capabilities and specialization we offer, getting jobs done quicker and better, saving pulp & paper customers money throughout the process.

Pulp & paper requires extreme focus, constant communication, and a fair price. Tweet/Garot excels at understanding, meeting, and exceeding customers’ expectations. We’ve built our mechanical contracting reputation on successfully working around customers’ demanding schedules to deliver:

And, virtually anything else required in the mechanical requirements of the pulp & paper process, from timber delivery to the conveying and delivering of the finished product. Tweet/Garot provides maintenance personnel to the majority of large manufacturers in the state and provides quality tradespeople to man short-duration, high-intensity outages.

For more than 120 years, Tweet/Garot has been proud to help grow one of Wisconsin’s largest industries. And, we confidently look ahead to future challenges.


Early engagement in the design
process to maximize constructibility.


Our experts are knowledgable with
system design, installation and operation.


Designing for modular construction and installation.


We understand project costs and
have the knowledge to establish budgets
from the phases through completions

Tweet/Garot excels at understanding, meeting, and exceeding customers’ expectations.

Over my 36-year career with Georgia-Pacific, Tweet/Garot participated in countless projects across North America with dedication to safety first, followed closely by quality and cost. Needless to say, Tweet/Garot would be a preferred partner in mechanical contracting for any projects I was involved in”

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Other Markets We Serve


Tweet/Garot specializes in the design and manufacturing of process equipment, material handling, and specialty fabrications. We provide both turn-key process lines and stand-alone process equipment.


Healthcare professionals demand dedication and precision. Tweet/Garot is familiar with this industry’s requirements and mindset. That’s why we’re the primary mechanical contractor for most of the major medical facilities in Northeast and Central Wisconsin.


We understand how important customer and public experiences are for the success of venues. From snow melt systems and radiant heat, to humidity control measures and the integration of building automation systems, Tweet/Garot takes care of the mechanical systems so you can focus on revenue generation and providing an exceptional community experience.


Tweet/Garot Mechanical has an extensive background in the fabrication and installation of industrial process piping systems associated with the Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) industry.


Tweet/Garot’s commitment to problem-solving differentiates us from our competitors. We are dedicated to providing innovative and value-added solutions to any manufacturing environment — on top of our guarantee of providing extraordinary customer service.


The technological advancements Tweet/Garot has made along with the added services and labor forces will create an unmatched mechanical contractor presence in the woods industry.


A mechanical contractor serving the lodging industry has the responsibility of understanding the trends of the hospitality industry. By doing so, Tweet/Garot has created valuable partnerships that have allowed us to become the mechanical contractor of choice for these challenging projects.


Tweet/Garot understands the need for high-quality working environments and how they improve productivity. Whether new construction or an existing facility upgrade/retrofit, we provide for the unique needs of each organization’s timeframe, maintenance requirements, and energy needs. We have worked on some of the largest and most complex office buildings in Wisconsin, making us a leader in the design and installation of mechanical systems in large office environments.


Power generation facilities require unique installations with stringent quality and safety standards. Tweet/Garot’s experienced staff and field crews understand the complex compliance requirements for bringing new power plant construction on line and meeting clean-air mandates. Tweet/Garot has the expertise to help customers overcome the typical challenges associated with new plant construction and experience better project development and execution.


For public and private institutions in Wisconsin and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, Tweet/Garot is a trusted mechanical contracting resource. From K-12 to institutions for higher education, we understand the need for high-quality learning environments and the value they provide for improving the overall excellence in the educational process.

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