Market Lead
Greg Wierzba, Account Manager

A mechanical contractor serving the lodging industry has the responsibility of understanding the trends of the hospitality industry. By doing so, Tweet/Garot has created valuable partnerships that have allowed us to become the mechanical contractor of choice for these challenging projects.

In recent years the lodging industry has been faced with a multitude of ancillary issues as well as the challenges that have always existed such as sustainability concerns, adaptive use of non-hotel buildings, renovations of existing properties, and mixed-use hospitality functionality, not to mention the task of bridging the gap between luxury and economy value-oriented hotel properties.

Tweet/Garot’s experience and expertise can be brought to bear on any project, great or small. Our engineers and project managers rise to meet any and all challenges in the lodging and hospitality industry, ranging from new construction all the way to a complete retrofit of historic, multi-story buildings.

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