Intern Spotlight: Tyler Vander Velden

Welcome back to the intern spotlight series, this is Carter Larson and today we conclude the spotlights of interns in our Wrightstown shop. Tyler Vander Velden is an Industrial Engineering Intern from Appleton, WI. Tyler is a 6th year student at the University of Wisconsin – Platteville majoring in industrial technology management with an emphasis in manufacturing technology management. Tyler told me he is specifically interested in the manufacturing process as a whole and enjoys seeing his drawings come to life.

Tyler has had a wide variety of past work experience; he has tested as a product development engineer at Greenheck Fan Corporation, currently works as the esports lead at UW Platteville, held IT and help desk positions, worked as a youth apprentice in machining, was in sales and retail, worked as an electrical apprentice, was a AV install tech, and more. During his time here at Tweet/Garot, Tyler has been implementing a new ERP system, known as SAP, into our manufacturing process which is intended to improve supply chain management and estimating accuracy.

Outside of work, Tyler enjoys gaming, hunting, fishing, 3D modeling and printing, as well as woodworking. Tyler told me he has been working on fixing up his great great grandfather’s old desk and has incorporated his 3D printing into the project. Tyler says his favorite musical artist is the DJ deadmau5 and the song “Strobe” by the same artist is his favorite song. Tyler’s favorite TV show is “MythBusters” and his favorite movie is “Paul”. Finally, Tyler picked steak and potatoes as his favorite food, which is slowly becoming a common answer in this blog series. Thank you all for tuning back in to the intern spotlight series. We will have another addition to the series later this week!

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