Intern Spotlight: Zack Peterson

Welcome back, Carter Larson back again! Today we have the final intern spotlight of 2022. Zack Peterson is Tweet/Garot’s only intern in our Wisconsin Rapids location and is a Virtual Construction/Design Intern from Port Edwards, WI. Zack is a sophomore at the University of Wisconsin – Madison majoring in mechanical engineering. Zack told me he would like his career to lean towards a production atmosphere and that he enjoys working with engines.

Before his internship at Tweet/Garot, Zack worked at a cranberry marsh close to where he lives and also worked in public works for the Village of Port Edwards. During his time here, Zack has been working on two main projects: drawings for a new paper mill in Biron, WI involving the HVAC and plumbing systems, and he has assumed more of an Account Manager role for an air handling replacement project at a Stevens Point middle school. Zack was hoping gain a better understanding of the construction industry through his internship experience and feels that he has successfully done so.

Outside of work, Zack enjoys playing guitar, riding and working on motorcycles, and is an avid Wisconsin sports fan. Zack’s favorite song is “Everlong” by his favorite musical group, the Foo Fighters. Zack’s favorite movie is “Happy Gilmore” and his favorite TV show is “That ‘70s Show”. Finally, Zacks favorite food is watermelon.

I hope for Tweet/Garot’s future interns to have an experience as enjoyable here as mine. Thank you all for continuing to read all the blogs, it was an awesome experience getting to know each of the interns on a more personal level. This isn’t the end of blogs in general, expect more company oriented blogs to come in the near future.

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