Field Orderz, Taking the Tediousness Out of the Traditional Paper Workflow

Over the past two years, Tweet/Garot has been working to implement a groundbreaking software known as Stratus. Stratus improves communication between our office, shop, and field crews by creating a live digital workflow that is accessible for all three levels of Tweet/Garot’s production process. One limitation to our utilization of this program was the necessity for BIM modeled work. This was a major hurdle when a wide variety of methods are utilized for creating drawings, and this is where Field Orderz becomes extremely useful.

Field Orderz seamlessly integrates with Stratus and serves as a solution for creating non-modeled parts and projects in Stratus. This allows our shop to receive standard deliverables. Field Orderz has a feature known as smart sketching, which allows paper field sketches to be submitted digitally and transformed into a digital drawing with dimensions, labels, and material specs. From there, an order for materials can be created directly through the software and be submitted for purchase. Field Orderz most directly improves communication from those on a jobsite, giving those closest to the final product the ability to create drawings and as well as material orders.

To date, Tweet/Garot has run a couple hundred drawings through Field Orderz as we pilot the software. We started utilizing it for plumbing work and the software proved to be very successful, both with workers who were excited about the program and those who were skeptical. Tweet/Garot is now working on a few pilots of sheet metal projects. Once workflows have been developed for each trade, we will begin rolling it out to a wider group of projects. A team dedicated to getting all users acclimated to the program has effectively addressed challenges that arose during the pilot phase.

Field Orderz is just another example of Tweet/Garot utilizing programs to streamline the construction process. Stratus has opened a lot of opportunities for improving our internal capabilities and communication, and Field Orderz will build on those improvements.

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