Tweet/Garot and Local 400, Partners Inspiring the Next Generation of Plumber/Steamfitters

Tweet/Garot and the Local 400 Union have a longstanding relationship, and through collaboration have helped to inspire a new generation of plumbers and steamfitters. The Local 400 regularly holds events for high school students interested in entering a career in the trades. Pairing this with the Local 400’s effort to send applicants for youth apprenticeships to contractors, such as Tweet/Garot, kids who may have no knowledge of the trades are suddenly given an opportunity they had no idea was available to them.

Recently, the Local 400 held a Women in Pipe Trades Event for high school girls that were about to graduate. Genesis Enter, who had taken a shop class but never really considered a career in the trades, attended this event where she connected with Tweet/Garot.

Genesis found this event to be a very beneficial. She says at the event, women currently in the trades presented about the benefits of participating in apprenticeship programs. Most importantly, she gained an interest in something she had not even considered as a possibility for her future. Following the conclusion of the event, several contractors were able to meet with the students and offer more info.

Shortly after this event, Genesis began her youth apprenticeship with Tweet/Garot. Genesis says that it’s a very valuable experience as not only does she gain credit for college but she’s also gaining experience in a field that is fairly new to her. She also added that the apprenticeship has been very flexible with her school schedule, which has only added to her experience.

To get a deeper understanding of this relationship between the Local 400 and Tweet/Garot and the benefits that come with their apprenticeship programs, Dave Brazzale Tweet/Garot’s labor coordinator for steamfitters and plumbers better explained the relationship between union and contractor. Dave was previously a steamfitter journeyman, who now works very closely with Local 400.

Dave told of the numerous benefits that come with participating in an apprenticeship program such as on-the-job training from experienced individuals, pension funds, as well as a strong insurance plan. Another major benefit of the apprenticeship program is that all training and schooling necessary is paid for. You come out of this 5-year program highly skilled, trained, and debt free!  Dave says that Local 400 is extremely supportive with the events they put on and the constant effort to connect hopeful apprentices with contractors, which is beneficial to both the contractor and those interested in the trades.

The Local 400 and Tweet/Garot have built a relationship with each other that opens amazing opportunities to those entering the trades. The Local 400’s efforts raise awareness of a crucial industry and the many benefits that it’s careers offer. Pairing this with Tweet/Garot’s countless experienced professionals and culture of advancement, an endless amount of future career opportunities becomes available. This collaboration is pushing the next generation to consider the trades and grow an industry that is crucial to any business’ success!

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