Affinity Clinic
Affinity Clinic

Affinity Clinic

Neenah, Wisconsin

Affinity Healthcare
Flad & Associates
Tweet/Garot Mechanical, Inc.
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In early 2011, Affinity Health System began planning for a $9.5 million dollar project in Neenah, Wisconsin to replace its old clinic which was built in 1973. The design included the construction of a two-story, 32,000 square foot, sustainable building, located on 1.5 acres in downtown Neenah. Tweet/Garot was contracted to design and install the entire HVAC system.

A great deal of planning and innovation took place months prior to the construction process. The owner desired to improve the energy performance from their previous prototype clinics which utilized RTU/VSAV high-efficiency boilers. Through the integrated design process, Tweet/Garot was involved early in the project and was able to influence the stainability outcome.

Seven different types of HVAC systems were evaluated from a lifecycle cost perspective to find the most efficient and cost-effective solution within the project budget. Our HVAC Engineering team saved the customer money by providing additional load calculations in order to re-size equipment to meet the Energy Star needs of the building. At completion, this Gold Certified building with an Energy Star Rating of 80 was the most energy-efficient building in the Affinity Healthcare System.

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