Alta Resources
Alta Resources

Alta Resources

Neenah, Wisconsin

Alta Resources
Bill Zimpel, Tweet/Garot
Approximate Contract
Project Duration
18 Months

The Alta Resources building is a seven-story, 187,000 sq. ft. office building. Tweet/Garot Mechanical completed the engineering for the HVAC design and also installed the mechanical HVAC system. A custom built-up roof-mounted air handling and boiler system were designed to serve the entire office building. Three 150-ton air-cooled water chillers were used to provide chilled water air conditioning.

The ductwork in vertical shafts served VAV boxes with hot water reheat coils. Interior vs. exterior temperature control zones were designed to provide optimal occupancy comfort. Due to the multiple stories, combination fire/smoke dampers were installed in ductwork that penetrated vertical building shafts. Tweet/Garot designed stair tower smoke control pressurization systems to ensure smoke-free exiting, using the stair towers in the event of a fire.

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