Clintonville High School/Middle School
Clintonville High School/Middle School

Clintonville High School/Middle School

Project Information

Aerial View of Clintonville Middle School

Clintonville High School/Middle School

Tweet/Garot was chosen for the plumbing scope of this project as a result of a successful and longstanding relationship with Hoffman Construction. Clintonville is a small community, so this was a high-profile project for the area.

Special craftsmanship was required from Local Union 400 plumbers. The union workers were faced with building construction of interior masonry walls, which required a precise rough-in for final fixtures to align and look pleasing.

SUR Insulation and Ostrenga where subcontracted on this project to lead the plumbing excavation and insulation. All scrap material was recycled so it could be repurposed for future projects.

This project wasn’t without challenges; a tight schedule and working within an occupied school meant scheduling worksite days and times to prevent disruptions for students and staff.

Tweet/Garot was successful in providing a great end product for the students and staff in the community. Click the links below to see the 3D models of this project:

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