Intern Spotlight: Christian Lieffring

For our second installment of the intern spotlight blog series, I sat down with Christian Lieffring. Christian is a Project Construction Intern for the summer and is from Appleton, WI. He’s a senior at Fox Valley Technical College majoring in construction management technologies. Christian has four and a half years of framing experience and has decided to move into the office environment and experiment with a broader range of project construction work to see if it’s a better fit for him. He’s also had a prior internship in physical therapy and four years as an assistant manager of the meat department at Festival Foods

During his time here, Christian has been working on a plethora of change orders for one of our project manager’s ongoing projects and been helping catch up on summary sheets for several past jobs that have yet to be completed. What Christian hopes to get out his internship with Tweet/Garot is experience in the professional side of the industry. Christian has had a good amount of experience in the field with a specific role but wants to take a step back now to evaluate our industries job opportunities as a whole. He wants to learn about the Project Manager position to gain some broader knowledge about the mechanical construction industry, paired with the office environment to see which side of the trades he prefers.

To conclude my interview, I asked some questions about Christian’s personal life. He told me he couldn’t come up with a favorite music artist or song and instead gave his favorite genres, classical rock, and country. He said that his favorite movies were the Red series and his favorite place to eat is Good Company in Appleton that dabbles in a bit of everything. I had a great conversation with Christian and I hope you all enjoyed getting to learn a little bit more about him as much as I did. Once again this has been Carter Larson, Marketing Intern here at Tweet/Garot. Thank you all for reading and make sure to be on the lookout next week for our next intern spotlight!

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