Intern Spotlight: Ashton Markell

Welcome back to the intern spotlight series, this is Carter Larson and today I sat down with Ashton Markell, one of Tweet/Garot’s Estimating Interns. Ashton is from Green Bay, WI and is a sophomore at Northeast Wisconsin Technical College majoring in Mechanical Design and Engineering. Ashton is specifically interested in the design element and has been getting to work with a lot with finished drawings for our ongoing projects. He went on to say that he specifically likes working with programs such as Inventor and AutoCAD.

Ashton previously worked at some local golf courses as a groundskeeper before gaining his first internship experience here at Tweet/Garot. During his time here he been estimating for a lot of bids and takeoffs of our current projects. Ashton says the main thing he wants to gain from this internship is to help aid his education by getting hands-on experience with his future position that will work hand-in-hand with his schooling, while at the same time learning how jobsites work.

Ashton is one of the interns I haven’t gotten to know that well yet, and throughout our conversation I learned we had some things in common. Outside of work he likes to play basketball, golf, and hang out with friends. Ashton told me that he and the other Estimating Intern, Lane, had started hanging out outside of work and had even gone to a concert together. His favorite musical artist is a rock band called Shine Down and “Simple Man” by them is his favorite song. Ashton went on to say his favorite TV show is “Breaking Bad” and his favorite movie is “Cars” which he stated are both classics. Finally, for a favorite food Ashton went with my pick of steak but got even more specific by picking prime rib. It was a pleasure for me to sit down with Ashton and get a deeper look into not only his work life, but his personal life. Thank you all for tuning back in, we will resume this series later this week with our Engineering Intern, Collin!

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