Intern Spotlight: Austin Schroeder

Welcome back to our intern spotlight blog series, I’m Carter Larson and today’s intern required a trip away from the office. I made a trip out to Tweet/Garot’s Wrightstown shop to speak with Austin, our spotlight for today, and Tyler who will be in the next intern spotlight. Austin Schroeder is our Custom Equipment Design Intern from Pulaski, WI. Austin is an upcoming junior at University of Wisconsin-Platteville, majoring in mechanical engineering. He said that he is specifically interested in the manufacturing and design elements of the mechanical construction process.

Austin has previously worked as a youth apprentice for EMT International before starting his internship here at Tweet/Garot. Since his time at Tweet/Garot, Austin has been working on a redesign of a platform in order to meet newly created OSHA requirements. During the process, Austin has had to research these requirements and design the platform in ways that conform to these new policies. Austin told me he also has been helping design parts for other projects such as a cheese cutter. During his internship here at Tweet/Garot, Austin hopes to make some connections that will help his career future and gain a stronger understanding of the manufacturing process.

Outside of work, Austin likes to go deer hunting, be outdoors and is an avid Packers fan that makes sure to watch all of the games. Austin says that Morgan Wallen is his favorite musical artist, and his favorite song is one of his songs “Thought You Said”. His favorite movie is the newly released “Top Gun: Maverick” and his favorite show is “Outer Banks”. Finally, Austin told me his favorite food is pizza and when I asked him where his go-to pizza place is he told me Luigi’s Pizza and Pasta. Thank you all for coming back for the fifth installment of this blog series.  Our final intern spotlight from the Wrightstown shop will be out later this week, so be on the lookout!


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