Intern Spotlight: Victoria Shamber

Welcome back, readers. This is Carter Larson and today we have another intern spotlight blog to contribute to the series. Today’s spotlight is Victoria Shamber, Tweet/Garot’s Accounting Intern from Green Bay, WI. Victoria is going into her sophomore year at the University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire majoring in accounting and international business. Victoria told me she is specifically interested in managerial accounting. 

Before her internship here at Tweet/Garot, Victoria worked as a server and bartender for both Applebee’s and The Bar in Eau Claire and has worked at a local restaurant here in the De Pere area, Cheesecake Heaven. During her time here Victoria has updated vendor information to make sure our payment information is up to date, performed monthly bank reconciliations, and has had several mini projects in accounts payable. 

Outside of work Victoria likes to play volleyball and soccer, which she played throughout high school. She also enjoys embroidering clothes. Victoria claims to not have a favorite musical artist or song as she listens to a wide variety of music, however she told me she has been listening to a lot of Spanish music recently. Victoria also doesn’t have a favorite movie, but her favorite TV show is “One Tree Hill”. Finally, Victoria’s favorite food is gnocchi. Thank you all for coming back to the series! We only have three more interns to spotlight, so our third to last blog will be out early next week. 

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